What makes an ideal WFM Partner for SolvedBy.Ai ?

May 26, 2023

At SolvedBy.Ai, we are actively seeking partners who can offer our comprehensive suite of AI solutions for Workforce Management (WFM) to their existing and prospective clients. This blog post aims to outline the qualities of an ideal WFM partner and highlight the significant benefits our AI technologies bring as a valuable product enhancement for the right WFM vendor.

While our AI solutions may not be suitable for every WFM vendor, we can efficiently determine compatibility and proceed accordingly.

What is the suite of AIs that SolvedBy.Ai will offer to their WFM partners?

Our API-first AI products have been meticulously developed to seamlessly integrate with any existing workforce management software. These advanced solutions effectively fulfil the three essential criteria of ensuring that WFM system users can achieve the objective of placing the ‘right person in the right place at the right time’.

These are:

  • Forecasting sales or other factors with a high correlation with staffing levels. We call this Forecasting.Ai
  • Turning those forecasts into a demand curve, per role per venue in 15,30 or 60-minute segments. We call this Demand.Ai 
  • Auto scheduling considers every factor a human manager takes into account. We call this Scheduling.Ai 

These Ai’s have been proven to deliver real benefits to workforce management software vendors and their clients. So you might be asking why we are looking for WFM partners at all?

Why are we looking for WFM partners?

We have successfully crafted the world’s premier auto-scheduling tool, complemented by two exceptionally precise forecasting AIs. Our primary goal is to extend the reach of these remarkable AI technologies to as many companies as possible, enabling them to reap numerous benefits. To accomplish this, we are actively seeking WFM partners who can join forces with us in bringing these exceptional AIs to market. Together, we can maximize the impact.


How would we describe an ideal WFM partner?

Put simply, we are seeking WFM vendors who lack a comprehensive AI-powered forecasting and scheduling solution but are interested in having one. If these vendors require additional resources or expertise to build such a solution at present, we can offer our suite of AIs as a valuable addition to their roadmap.

After engaging with potential WFM partners over the past couple of years, we have come across some who are already well-advanced in developing similar AI products, and we wish them success in their endeavours. However, we have also identified a significant number of WFM vendors who are still in need of a complete AI strategy, and our suite of AIs holds great promise in fulfilling that requirement.

If that is you, please read on…

Our ideal partner:

  • A workforce management solution.
  • Has at least some in-house development resources and a cloud-based API-driven platform.
  • Does Not have a fully developed AI suite of products for auto-scheduling and demand forecasting.
  • Is looking to offer those solutions in the near future.
  • Sells workforce management software anywhere in the world
  • Sells any type of workforce management software (i.e. from call centres to retail)
  • Sells workforce management software in any language.

Will the SolvedBy AIs work with our WFM platform?

Our suite of Ai’s has been built to be “partner ready” and designed specifically with WFM platforms in mind. By partner ready we mean that they are API first and configurable by the partner. You shouldn’t need us to offer professional services or implementation support past the first integration. We believe our AIs will work with your WFM solution if your solution can:

  • Export a payload of JSON files containing your business logic to our cloud-based AI.
  • Import a rota once the ai has built it.
  • Import a demand curve.
  • Deal with modern APIs

What are the benefits for the partner?

We are sure our partners could all build a team of data scientists and develop their own solutions. However, this takes time and money and involves some element of technical risk. By partnering with SolvedBy.Ai, we believe you will gain several strategic benefits as a company:

  • Speed to market: if you haven’t already got a solution, you can offer this to your customers in weeks. It was designed to be “partner ready” and API first for rapid implementations with partners.
  • Proven solution: reducing technical risk
  • Immediate ROI: with a revenue share model and easy integrations, our solutions can add profit from your first sale.
  • Increased sales to new customers: We have found that a high percentage of new vendor selection processes are expecting an AI solution, and this is reducing the focus on traditional SAAS functionality. Having the best AI solution is likely to get you shortlisted more often.
  • Increased sales to existing customers: If you aren’t already offering these solutions, you can quickly start to generate additional revenues from existing customers. 
  • Increased professional services fees: Our Ais offer a predictable and profitable professional service opportunity. Once you have configured and set up your first customer, you will be able to estimate the cost of set-up and implementation. Our forecasting engine can start generating forecasts based on historical transaction data quickly and profitably for a partner vendor. 
  • Retention of existing customers: As the saying goes, “If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will”. Many organisations are looking at how they can benefit from AI and expect key vendors to help them on this journey. Having an AI roadmap allows you to start conversations supporting your status as a long-term partner.

What are the benefits for the partner-customer base?

We recently surveyed employers of hourly paid and shift workers in the UK and Ireland. This showed that 56% of the companies surveyed were reducing opening hours, which negatively impacted revenue. 54% of the same group of companies said they were looking at solutions to match staffing levels with customer demand better.

Our AI solutions have been built to get the optimal return from the available staff, bringing several benefits to those organisations that use AI-powered scheduling.

  • Increase revenue: Schedule more staff when revenue opportunities are greatest.
  • Reduce cost: avoid overmanning during quieter times.
  • Improve compliance: Our AI’s build rotas that are 100% compliant with EU Working Time Directive and other regulatory requirements.
  • Improve staff retention: Our Retention.Ai correlates poor scheduling decisions with low staff retention. Our Scheduling.ai can solve all of these issues.

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