Drive change and reimagine what is possible

Ai consulting is a service can help your organisation to expand the possibilities, drive change that can quickly overcome complex business problems and allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities by adding high impact Ai tools.

Our Approach

Define the project ambition

We start by having an open discussion with you to set an aspirational goal that explores the full range of what’s possible with Ai and gains stakeholder buy-in across an organisation.

Remove the fog and see the future

We’ll remove the mystery surrounding Ai and help you gain an understanding of the value it can provide within your organisational strategic vision. This allows us to assist you in creating a business case for Ai transformation and a roadmap from proof of concept to production.

Remove project risk

Incorporating intelligent and autonomous capabilities is a big step which comes with big rewards but it shouldn’t come with big risk. Our teams use proof of concepts and project gateways designed to give you full confidence in the solution you’re getting without having to commit large amounts of capital or resources.

Stakeholder education

While the Ai is learning and evolving, so should stakeholders. Through bespoke learning pathways we can provide teams with the ethos, knowledge and skills to maximise the upside of our Ai solutions.

Grow quickly, Grow sustainably

During any consultancy we ensure that our customers have the solutions in place to continue to see the benefits of Ai as their business continues to grow. By embedding the insights and processes necessary to take full advantage of the technology, we pave the way for continued growth and transformation.

Too many resources to manage efficiently

How can I improve the allocation of my resources to take full advantage?

Large amounts of data that you are not using

What answers lie in my data that can enhance my offering to customers?

Dont know when the peak is going to arrive

When will my demand exceed my current capacity and what can I do about it?

Our Expertise & What We Do

Data preparation

In order to take full advantage of artificial intelligence it is important to have data which is cleaned and properly prepared. We are constantly improving our data preparation and cleaning methods to ensure we meet the highest industry standards.

Time series forecasting

By utilising our Forecasting.Ai pipeline we can forecast your key demand factors such as items sold, revenue, orders & visitors at a granular level to help you plan accordingly and make business decisions which allow you to reach your business vision and goals.

Predictive analytics

Our machine learning-based predictive analytics tools allow providing insight into current and future trends in a wide range of areas. A key principle of our services is not only letting you know what’s going to happen, but why it’s going to happen, allowing you to take corrective actions and keep your business continuously growing.

Resource optimisation

Having started our journey with Ai driven scheduling tools we have a deep understanding of the technologies and applications around resource management. Whether its workforce management, fleet management or how to lay out tables in a restaurant, our tool sets allow for continuous improvement and deployment of your resources.

Deep learning

With businesses collecting gigabytes of data a day it is now possible for organisation to take advantage of the deep learning based solutions that we are able to provide. We do this in the areas of automation, pattern recognition and business intelligence.