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Build smart, compliant rotas that ensure you have the right staff in the right place at the right time using our automated scheduling software

What is Scheduling.Ai

As a rostering or planning manager, it can take hours to build a single rota, considering all of the relevant rules and challenges presented by multi-people rostering.

The AI-driven automated scheduling software utilizes your demand forecast to automatically construct rotas within your current scheduling tool. Ensuring the optimal rota is built, 100% compliant with Working Time Directives and other regulations, on budget and with the closest possible fit to your demand curve.

automated scheduling software

How it works

Scheduling.Ai is an Artificial Intelligence enhanced optimisation tool that outputs the best possible rota every time.

When you press autoschedule the AI sends a message to lock the rota, this prevents any further changes to the data.

The AI then requests a “payload” of data from your Workforce Management System, this is essentially an up to date copy of all the data it needs to build that rota.

Scheduling.Ai then creates an Ai which is unique to that rota, and focuses on solving the rota to be optimal, compliant and fair.

Once the AI has built a rota it sends the data back to your WFM system via an API which then populates the rota and unlocks it allowing you access.

The process takes between a few seconds and a few minutes depending on the complexity of the rota being built.

The impact of Scheduling.Ai

Scheduling.Ai has increased the revenue taken in stores by an average of over 3%

Scheduling.Ai can reduce the time taken to build a rota from 3 hours to 3 minutes

Scheduling.Ai has increased the happiness of staff by 19%

Scheduling.Ai can eliminate compliance breaches when building rotas


Our AI will build the optimal rota based on your criteria. There may not be a single solution that meets your demand and budget and every member of staff’s preferences, and there may only be an optimal or best fit based on your criteria. The AI will deliver the best-optimised rota every time for every rota, saving managers time and generating all of the benefits mentioned above.

Because Scheduling.Ai uses serverless technology, which can spin up all of the computing resources needed, and a uniquely built and trained AI for every rota that it schedules, we can deal with almost an unlimited number of rotas being built simultaneously.

Our AI consistently outperforms a venue manager in meeting demand, building compliant rotas and keeping your staff happy. This is where the benefits from Scheduling.Ai are generated.

Some of the factors Scheduling.Ai takes into account when optimising your rota.


Demand per role per venue by 15 minute time slot


Your budget


What skills you need on site


What tasks are required to be done during each shift


Shifts and absences already booked


Pay rules and minimum contracted hours


Employee preferences and availability


Compliance rules such as the Working Time Directive


Overtime rules and costs


Fairness and consistency rules


Bespoke configurations according to your business needs

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