Enhance your capabilities with the next generation of AI tools

Through our business partnership program you can use our tools to:


Forecast key factors for your customers


Help your customers understand the resource requirements they need


Help your customers optimally schedule their resource


Provide your customers with the tool to evaluate the probability of their employees leaving

Why Partner With Us?

Add real benefits

We consistently deliver real benefit to the bottom line of our partners and their customers by providing solutions that improve revenue and reduce costs.

Infinite scalability

All our AI solutions run on the latest serverless architecture meaning that they can instantly scale to meet your and your customers needs whenever you need them.

Seamless integration

Our easy to use API’s allows you to integrate with minimal effort, this lets your customer’s to quickly begin their Ai journey while you continue to bring innovation to your client base.

Continuously enhance your offering

By integrating our AI tools with your existing products, you can give your customers a state of the art solution which continues to learn and improve with every use.

Personalised stakeholder training

We work with our partners to deliver customised training to their staff and stakeholders and ensure that everyone is receiving the education they need to get the most out of our products.

Type of Business Partnerships

We provide AI tools which deliver the solutions for the challenges your customers need solving. We do this by focusing on 2 different types of business partnerships, integrations and repeat offerings.



Use our AI pipeline to enhance your product with seamless integrations.

Repeat offerings


Work with our team of data scientists to develop repeat offerings which solve a problem specific to your industry and customers.

How does our business partnership programme work?

There is no need to have a team of data scientists who are experts in the constantly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Your customer success team simply needs to qualify an opportunity and set up a call with our team.

Fill in the forms below and we will get in touch with you want to have a chat and begin our journey towards a partnership.