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Ai for Employee Retention Software

What is Retention.Ai ?

An employee retention software tool that can accurately forecast how many people are likely to leave your organisation in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

Using data and a set of identified insights, managers can intervene with potential leavers, address concerns and therefore improve your retention rates and reduce onboarding costs.

Retention.Ai will work with your existing data warehouse or HR Information System.

employee retention software

How it works

Retention.Ai accurately forecasts how many people will leave your organisation in 30, 60 or 90 days. Using this data, managers can intervene with potential leavers, address concerns and improve retention rates.

With hundreds of data points for each employee, it uses a range of different artificial intelligence tools to evaluate the probability of a person leaving in a given time frame. Probabilities are summed together to forecast how many people will leave in any given subset of the data, such as a team or region.

Retention.Ai generates a report for every employee on likely causes of dissatisfaction, allowing management to intervene, prevent a resignation, and save the company considerable onboarding costs and knowledge loss.

Retention.Ai Capabilities

Improved operational turnover

By making targeted interventions with staff based on the insights given by Renention.Ai, employers can address the root causes of a potential resignation before an employee leaves.

Increased employee engagement

The additional focus on the reasons people leave will ensure you address the regular issues with a high correlation to employee retention. This will help all employees, leading to higher engagement.

Long-range recruiting planning

A forecast of likely resignation numbers by role and by location will allow up to 90 days notice of recruiting requirements and ensure efforts are focussed on maintaining the right number and mix of staff to operate the business.

Evidence-based manager coaching

Benchmarking of the retention data between regions and stores allows companies to identify the managers most in need of support and coaching, leading to improved retention in the long term.

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