Bespoke Workforce Management Solutions.

We specialise in Workforce Management solutions for the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Services sectors.

Manage your scheduling in a cloud-based solution and save an average of 7% on your direct staff costs.


The staff scheduling tool helps customers ensure they have the right number of people in the right place at the right time.

Your team can use our simple drag and drop interface to create staff schedules and reduce the complexities of what can be a time-consuming task, which exist in a single database in the cloud – no more spreadsheets.

By working to pre-determined budgets, and guaranteeing no employee will work over their legal limits, we guarantee a 100% accurate payroll.

Time and Attendance

Our facial recognition readers are revolutionising staff management in hospitality, leisure, retail and service. By relying on staff to manually sign in or using outdated clock-in machines, organisations can be vulnerable to ‘buddy punching’, whereby colleagues sign each other in when they’re not actually working.

Facial recognition systems are the preferred method as an employee simply digitally scans in when they arrive and leave work. This technology ensures time and attendance is 100% accurate for all staff. Biometrics can help prevent issues such as early arrivals and departures, and overtime that has not been approved.


ShopWorks budgeting solution is regarded as the most advanced of its kind. By using a spreadsheet based system, finance directors are unaware of the spend versus budget on staff, until management accounts are published weeks later – when of course it is too late.

The ShopWorks platform brings together data from each department, to ensure your business is running efficiently as possible.

A Finance Director can ensure that all staff spend is checked against budget and pre-approved by the relevant managers. This undoubtedly is the largest contributor to the savings made by our customers.


In an increasingly complex compliance environment, operators need to automate the checking of their staff scheduling against multiple criteria. For instance, Shopworks will prevent a manager from scheduling a non-compliant member of staff into a shift. If a non-EU citizen has already worked 20 hours that week, or their visa has expired, the system will not allow them to be scheduled, saving a potential £20,000 fine per employee. Or if a lifeguard at one of our customers’ pools is not in date for training, then that person will not get scheduled in.

We agree on bespoke rules for each customer to ensure that only compliant staff are available and these form part of the scheduling and planning tools within ShopWorks.

ShopWorks will also keep tabs on ‘working time directive’ compliance and ensure that overtime is accrued within holiday pay. We can even ensure your staff receive the required National Living Wage increases on their birthday.