Workforce Management Software

Our sister company ShopWorks provides specialised Workforce Management Software that delivers the most advanced management and optimisation solutions for hourly paid and shift workers.

Industry Leading Solutions


Employee Auto Scheduling

Ai powered rostering manager taking into account all rules and challenges for multi-people and multi-site rostering.

Live Compliance

The module conducts live checks to detect and flag any breaches to the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) as the rotas are being built.

Task Management

The tool allows you to build your task templates within the rota and ensure you have enough staff to fulfill your task demand.

Staff Availability

Allow your employees to confirm when they are available to work and schedule their shifts accordingly.

Staff Onboarding

Allows managers to onboard staff quickly and efficiently on site.

Staff Absence Management

Manage your employees time away from work and ensure they are not schedule to work when theta are on annual leave.

Budget Planning

Keep track of your budget versus spend as you build and create each shift and rota.

Shift Offer and Shift Swap

Allows managers to quickly handle any last minute staffing changes.

Time and Attendance

Contactless Time Scan App

Mobile app compatible with QR code and NFC technology designed to allow employees to clock in and out using their own smart devices.

Biometric Readers

Facial recognition and print scanners digitally scans and employee when they arrive or leave work.

Mobile Punch-in App

Digital alternative to biometric hardware where staff can click in and out using any white-listed smart device.

Employee Self-Service App

Access to Rotas

Your employees can see where and when they need to work.

Access to Hours Worked

They van see the hours they have worked that week or month.

Request Time Off

Your employees can request time off directly through the app



Enhanced Analytics Dashboards


Large number of reports covering key aspects of the platform


Data Warehouse Feed used to build your own bespoke dashboards and reports

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