About Us

Our purpose is to inspire and guide organisations so that they can include, engage and empower their people

Our Story

We are part of the WorkTech Group, a group of leading tech companies committed to improving the workplace for employees by providing the tools their employers need.

After over ten years of offering SAAS workforce management solutions to enterprise customers, we have been investigating AI since 2016.

What started as a skunkworks project and some in-house proof of concepts ended with the creation of a separate company with a brief to focus on R&D with the freedom to explore a wide variety of projects based on our core competencies.

In 2019 we opened a new office in the centre of Edinburgh, built a team of PHDs and MSCs and branded the company SolvedBy.Ai which is self-explanatory. Supported by a traditional software engineering team from our sister companies in London, we have access to skills far broader than data science.

Initially focussed on the requirements of workforce management customers for forecasting, demand and scheduling solutions, the benefits being created by our AIs were impressive, and our customers started to ask us what other problems we could help them solve.

Our Values


We hear, we listen and we act. We pursue our customer’s needs, experiment and challenge ourselves to discover solutions.


There is a passion to all we do. This vibrancy strengthens our upbeat and can-so-spirit. Our individual talents are celebrated, empowering our whole team to burn down barriers.


We take pride in making a positive impact.

Delivering tangible and measurable benefits is at the heart of what we do.

This comes through care, empathy and thought leadership.

Our Group Companies

Workforce Management Solution
ShopWorks specialises in Workforce Management Software that delivers real benefits and allows you to effectively optimise your workforce to meet your demand. The wide range of features such as time and attendance, scheduling, employee portal, absence management, task management and analytics have been built to improve business efficiencies, employee satisfaction and reduce overall staffing costs.
Earned Wage Access Solution
fastP.A.Y.E is the easy-to-implement earned wage access solution that gives employees access to part of their already earned wages before payday as well as other essential financial wellbeing tools that can support them through the cost of living crisis. The fastP.A.Y.E earned wage access solution is used by employers to address operational challenges or support employees through difficult times by deliver many financial wellbeing benefits.
Complex business problems SolvedBy.AI
As well as offering a range of off the shelf products that use AI to solve Workforce related problems, we can build bespoke solutions to enhance your existing Worktech and HR analytics efforts. Our AI products are designed to improve retention, forecast sales, and labour requirements, and automatically build the perfect schedule. All our Ai’s will work with your existing data warehouse or Worktech tool.

Solve Your Biggest Operational and HR Challenges Using Proven AI Solutions that Deliver ROI

You don't need development skills or data science engineers to implement our solutions, they are quick and easy to integrate with your existing tech stack.