We transform businesses using AI and Machine Learning

Solve your biggest Operational and HR challenges using our proven solutions and materially improve your profitability.

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What we do

We provide dynamic AI-powered solutions that address complex and critical Operational and HR business challenges through forecasting, optimisation, predictive modelling and data engineering.

We understand that every business, venue and employee is different, and unlike other AI-powered applications built on previously defined problems, we use AI to provide actionable intelligence and solutions that are specific to the challenges your business faces.

Our AI solutions use the widest range of algorithms out there, are highly customisable, quick to implement and have a simple pricing model which allows you to quickly begin receiving real benefits and revenue to your bottom line.

Why you should use our AI solutions

Achieve a rapid ROI that will materially impact your profitability

Achieve high business efficiency and process automation

Fully optimise resources

Significantly improve your staff retention rates

Accurate business planning

Understand, mitigate and overcome business risks

What you can use our Solutions for

Sales, Budget and Revenue Forecasting

Stock and Item Forecasting

Live and Footfall Forecasting

Resource and Campaigns Optimisation

Workforce and Scheduling Optimisation

Employee Retention and KYC Modelling

When to Open and Close Your Venues

How our solutions work with your own tech

Our solutions provide very fast and robust integrations with your existing tech stack through powerful API’s. You can choose to use our solutions with any of your systems below.

AI Products

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Forecasting SolvedBy.Ai

Cutting Edge Ai Forecasting That Adds Proven Business Value

Demand SolvedBy.Ai

Forecasting Labour Demand to provide ultimate customer satisfaction at an optimal cost

Scheduling SolvedBy.Ai

Intelligently schedule your teams in minutes

Retention SolvedBy.Ai

Retain longer, hire smarter with the ultimate AI solution for HR teams

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All your business challenges can be SolvedBy.Ai

HR Analytics

Solving problems in the WorkTech space

Solve Your Biggest Operational and HR Challenges Using Proven AI Solutions that Deliver ROI

You don’t need development skills or data science engineers to implement our solutions, they are quick and easy to integrate with your existing tech stack.