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What is Forecasting.Ai

Forecasting.Ai is an AI-based forecasting software solution that uses a collection of time series algorithms and machine learning models to produce the most accurate forecasts for your business.




Item by Item sales


Stock levels




Visitor numbers

Because no two venues and no two weeks are the same, Forecasting.Ai constantly evaluates the models and algorithms it uses on a forecast-by-forecast basis to estimate future developments, including demand peaks, business growth and seasonal habit changes.

Achieve multiple sources of value with Forecasting.Ai


Automate your organisation's performance management and workforce planning and save money and time.


Increase revenue per transaction by having the required resources to support your customer's needs.


Reduce staffing wastage by having the right number of staff in the right place at the right time and resources to do their job.

The Impact

Our forecasting software achieves a high level of accuracy on a regular basis.

Up to


week to week

Up to


day to day

Up to


hour to hour

Up to


minute by minute

Because of this our customers can benefit from

Increased revenue week on week up to


Reduced stock costs up to


Improved margins up to


forecasting software
forecasting software

How it works


Gathering the Data

Forecasting.Ai utilises our data preparation and cleaning tools to ensure that the data used is of the highest standard. The data is then separated into the correct buckets for the forecasts you need to do. This ensures that the algorithm suite used to generate the forecasts can concentrate on learning what happened historically and output the most accurate forecasts.


External Factors

Forecasting external factors such as weather or events happening locally to the point of sale that you may never have collected before is essential. Our partnerships with a number of data providers allow us to combine your historical data with many external factors that contribute towards achieving better accuracy.


Generating the Forecast

Whether the forecasts are done week-by-week or minute-by-minute, our AIs use the same pipeline and evaluate the potential of using the same algorithms to make their decisions. Our forecasting software simultaneously evaluates how good the data in question is over 100 different algorithms each time we do a forecast, and then it selects the one that performs the best to forecast the future.


Output and Insights

Forecasting.Ai can output the forecasts in any format required including:

  • Saving the results directly into clients’ data lakes for use with their business intelligence tools.
  • Provide clients with access to our intelligence platform, allowing operators and decision-makers to quickly get to the heart of the data without any development work from the client’s side.
  • Communication methods include email and sending the data to where your staff spend most of their time.

It is important to provide the forecasted data to as many sources as possible to get the most value out of it.

Forecasting.Ai Capabilities

Revenue Forecasting

Revenue is often a driving factor behind how much resource is required to manage a business effectively, and therefore knowing how much revenue you’re going to have by the hour can allow your operational teams to allocate resources directly to the right place at the time.

Item Sales Forecasting

In organisations where revenue can vary significantly compared to the effort required to deliver it, it is necessary to use forecast software to detect how many items are being sold in a given time period. Our item-level forecasting software allows you to build an operational resource model focusing on the direct factors affecting your demand levels.

Stock Levels Forecasting

Our product-level forecasts can produce accurate forecasts that allow you to understand how much stock is required at any given time to consistently meet customer needs. With the ability to forecast at a granular level, you can combine stock-level forecasts with your delivery schedules to reduce waste and increase revenue.

Footfall Forecasting

Footfall forecasting allows for regulation and safety mandates of what staff levels need to be met. Footfall forecasting can also allow for certain roles such as receptionists, customer hosts, car parking attendants and security guards to be deployed when they are needed the most and customers aren’t able to be as autonomous as they would be during quieter business periods.

Table Occupancy Forecasting

Hospitality service level requirements are regularly fed by understanding the number of covers that will be occupying the business area. Our forecasts for table occupancy use the understanding of a maximum number of customers, current booking levels, weather and event data combined with your historical sales data to forecast demand accurately across your venue’s areas.

Visitor Numbers Forecasting

Website traffic can often notify a business of the required staffing levels in service centres. We regularly use our forecasting software on website traffic levels for many businesses to ensure they have the right number of staff at the right time.

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