Episode 1 – The Future of Work: Ian Hogg on AI and Workforce Optimisation

Published: February 29, 2024

How organisations use AI technology to boost employee engagement and increase revenue and profitability | Ian Hogg, CEO of ShopWorks

The AI Business Leadership Podcast is the go-to destination for insightful conversations with industry leaders at the forefront of AI innovation. Join us on our flagship episode as we explore how organisations use AI technology to boost employee engagement and increase revenue and profitability.

This week’s guest, Ian Hogg, CEO of ShopWorks, and our host, Laura Nelson, discuss all about the integration of AI within the workforce management space.

In this episode, Ian Hogg shares his journey, from spotting a significant gap in the market to developing a groundbreaking platform tailored for the retail industry. Explaining the transformative effects that AI capabilities have had on traditional business models and tackling some common concerns about the role of AI in modern systems.

We also delve into the ethical considerations of AI development and the importance of maintaining human values in a digital world. For leaders or those considering stepping up their AI game, our guest shares practical, actionable tips on starting small, managing change, and keeping pace with technological advances to stay competitive, empowering you to take the next step in your AI journey.

Key Points:

  • From spotting a gap to becoming a CEO: a journey through the retail and AI landscape.
  • How AI can dramatically improve workforce management and overall business health.
  • Addressing the fears and myths surrounding AI integration.
  • Ethical AI development and its significance in technology adoption.
  • Starting and scaling AI initiatives: tips for leaders.

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