Forecasting labour demand software

Make forecasting labour demand easier with

Optimise your sales to labour allocation with AI

Our forecasting labour demand ai takes a forecast of predicted revenue, transactions or footfall and calculates how many staff you need to ensure that the forecast is delivered at the optimal cost whilst ensuring great customer satisfaction. The AI can take your labour standards or calculate its own and can either use a forecast from our forecasting AI or take your existing predictions.

Once signed off by a manager, your demand predictions can be automatically sent to your workforce management platform.

Plan effectively for the future

Avoid over or under staffing

Budget effectively

Improve employee satisfaction

Forecasting sales is a great start to getting the correct amount of staff scheduled, however an out of date, standard labour model often undoes all that good work. Having an AI generate the staffing levels for each department and location each week ensures that you will always have the optimum level of staff on site.

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