Flexible, ethical wage App.

Through our work and years of workforce experience at Shopworks, we know the pressures facing employers and employees alike. fastPAYE has been designed to address the vast numbers of workers who live payday-to-payday, as well as their employers who battle employee retention and expectation on a daily basis. 

Currently, 78% of employees in the UK are living payday to payday and cannot cover unexpected costs when they arise. In 2018 more than 10 million short-term payday loans were taken. With the ‘wage-on-demand’ marketplace growing at pace and current wage payment structures unreflective of modern life, fastPAYE is speeding-up access to earned money through its flexible wage app

Monthly payroll is out of step.

Monthly payroll is a hangover from the days of pen and paper. Your workers live in the digital age. They want you to be innovative and offer new, quicker ways of being paid when they need it.

They want to stop relying on credit cards and loans to access money they have already earned.

fastPAYE offers all this and more…

The hard facts.

  • 46% of Britons suffer money-relate stress in the week leading up to payday
  • Workers turn to expensive credit to make up this shortfall for everyday expenses using overdrafts, credit cards and even payday loans to tide them over.
  • One in five workers would consider a new job in the same role if it gave them access to their already earned wages before payday.

fastPAYE is a new a new socially responsible way for your staff to access their already earned money.

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